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Historic Buildings and Conservation

BDG Thomson Gray have a long history of successfully delivering projects on historic buildings, from repairs and refurbishments to improvement schemes throughout Scotland.  We currently provide advice to public and private sector clients and charities, and are well versed in assisting with all matters relating to historic buildings, from sourcing contractors capable of carrying out work to preserve Scheduled Listed Monuments, through programmes to carry out reactive maintenance schemes, to applying for grants and reconciling costs against heritage lottery funding for larger projects.

Given this long history, we have gathered a substantial database of data relating to historic buildings, including cost data, but extending to include lists of suitable specialised contractors and specialists, and specifications and detailing that are applicable to historic buildings.  All of these combined will provide you with greater certainty over cost and programme implications on your historic building projects.

Our experience ranges from consolidating Listed Monuments, through refurbishing and maintaining listed buildings, to refurbishment and reconfiguration of historic buildings to allow them to take on new functions, while still maintaining their historic roots.